The 2017 Republican Legislative Changes Make Iowa Work Comp Fake

All week we will examine aspects of the 2017 Iowa Republican controlled legislatures passage of deforms to the workers' compensation law that for over a hundred years has protected injured workers and those killed on the job.

During the session our commissioner was asked to comment and his reply was simply to say it was not his job to comment.

Sounds like something someone knowing what was coming would say just before the executioner wields an ax to chop off the prisoner’s head.

I think what Joe Cortese has to figure out is whether he will interpret the law to do what it was intended to do for the past 100 years, or if he is a water boy for Governor Branstad and the interest of big money lobbyists. Is he a friend of the working people in Iowa or just a water-boy for the Koch Brothers?

Workers Compensation: Is the commissioner just a fake puppet? Or really interested in justice? 

What’s it going to be Joe?

Steve Lombardi
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