We’ve all seen them on television, the actor spokesperson for some out-of-state law firm trying to get you to call them for representation in a personal injury case. They claim to be able to get more money, a lot faster and with fewer hassles. This claim could not be any further from the truth and frankly, in my opinion, it borders on false advertising. Why the Iowa Bar Association allows it baffles me.

At the Lombardi Law Firm we don’t hire actors to advertise what we do, because we are real trial lawyers, not fake ones who employ men from out-of-space who act like buffoons. You won’t find me doing ads for travel agencies or TV sitcoms then running over to a studio to make ads for cheesy law firms.

We hire and train real lawyers who learn our craft from the ground up. We don't ask actors to fake it; we actually have experience in Iowa courts and I don't send lawyers into court who haven't been inside an Iowa court with a more experienced lawyer. In other words, we do everything we can to take care of you and your insurance claims. We don’t hire young lawyers with zero experience in civil court who are then thrown a file and told to get it done. We don’t hire retired Iowa State troopers who act tough while conducting an interview that is more like a criminal interrogation, but who know nothing about standing inside a courtroom and trying a personal injury case. I guess you could say, we just aren’t faking it trying to fool Iowans.

And what about a claim of handling your claims faster than ... faster or quicker than what and who? ... I guess they never do say faster than and quicker than. You're just supposed to assume faster and quicker than other lawyers. Your claim can't settle or be tried faster than your medical or the civil justice system will allow. Your medical condition and the medical treatment you receive drives the case. If you settle sooner than the medical care is resolved then you are settling too soon and getting less than you deserve.

So don't believe these ads. If we can help you with your real accident case call for an interview. We handle all personal injury cases, using real lawyers, with real experience and yes, we do advance all litigation costs. We have handled all sorts of personal injury claims with values ranging from a few thousand to over six million dollars. And no, that’s not a fake claim, won't don't promise a good time; we promise to do a good job for you. The rest of the promise is pure balogna. 

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