Must I Exchange Patient Waivers When In A Lawsuit?

Answer: Litigation is contentious by nature, but the legal process does require the exchange of information. The idea is if the parties know the evidence they can better evaluate the risks and many cases will settle. The goal is to more efficiently use judicial resources.

After a lawsuit is filed there are stages to the litigation and the exchange unfolds in an orderly manner by following the rules of discovery. In cases my office handles we voluntarily exchange information, with relevant information to support the claim. We’re not going to tell them your life story, unless it’s relevant. And most lay people haven’t a clue about what is and is not relevant to support their claim. That’s where lawyers come in and provide direction and guidance.

As a litigant you should know who you're dealing with and that they are following the discovery rules. With lay people being unrepresented it's easy for the insurance adjusters to take advantage; so having a lawyer can be pretty helpful. You need to level the playing field. So, consider taking care of business and hiring a personal injury lawyer.

Otherwise you may as well file your case in the North Pole, because it's going to be a cold day in Hell before you ever see the inside of a courtroom.

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