Compensation Does Not Equate to LiesThe quick answer is “no, definitely not.” The legal answer in their minds is, “This system isn’t a justice system, but a legal system." Tomorrow I will show you how they say one thing, but then want something different when they are on the receiving end of the legal system they helped to create and use against the working people of this state.


My client was injured at work, filed a workers’ compensation claim and we served interrogatories. Interrogatories are just written questions each side receives from the other. We send these questions to the insurance company via their lawyer and the company lawyer in turn, sends us back signed and sworn answer.

Sounds easy doesn’t it?

It should. But let’s see if they give us any useful information.

Here is the answer by an employer when we asked them to produce any photographs or video of our client who filed a workers’ compensation case. Notice how they have provided no useful information and the system allows the employer to assume all injured people lie. If you think this system is about fairness, get a clue, it is a legal system having nothing to do with fairness. 

ASSUME THE WORSE: The deck is stacked against you because they assume you are the liar.


INTERROGATORY NO. 21. Any photographs, video tapes, moving picture film or other evidence depicting the Claimant in any way and at any time.

RESPONSE: Objection. This interrogatory seeks information protected by the work product doctrine. See Hoover v. Department of Agriculture, Workers' Compensation Commissioner File No. 529205, Hastie v. Manor of Malvern, Workers' Compensation Commissioner File No. 1123049, and Voshell v. Simmonds Restaurant Management, Workers' Compensation Commissioner File No. 1058713. See also Harned v. The Des Moines Register, Workers' Compensation Commissioner File No. 1099118 and Bradley v. The Des Moines Register, Workers' Compensation Commissioner File No. 1091930. As required in the cases cited above, Defendants will "seasonably" supplement their interrogatory answers and response to request for production in sufficient time before hearing to avoid any prejudice to the Claimant if such information exists.

Do you see any information in that answer that provides anything factual? There is no useful information in this answer. It is useless information. It is a fake answer. The answer given dodges providing any useful information and hides behind an answer the legal system allows them to give. 


You see, the system assumes all injured workers lie, cheat and steal from the work comp insurance system. It is a very derogatory system. Which is why you need a lawyer.

They are trying to take us out of the system so that they can take full advantage of you, the injured workers of America. Don't let them, watch how you vote and ask your lawyer who is against you in the next election.

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