The news report is pretty explicit and we aren't sure if all of it is true. Apparently it has also led to a lawsuit and whether the allegations are true is for another day. But all lawyers should be aware of the allegations because it goes to the very credibility of the litigation system.

Hector Casillas, a workers' compensation client at California law firm Reyes & Barsoum, allegedly discovered that the workers compensation insurance carrier in his case allegedly illegally accessed his client files to gain an advantage in litigation.  Mr. Casillas, through his attorneys, have now filed a class-action suit against several workers' compensation insurance carriers and the law firm Knox Ricksen for allegedly accessing thousands of client files illegally.  This alleged hacking scheme included over 5,000 files from the Reyes & Barsoum law firm and was allegedly perpetuated by corporate insurance companies in order to gain access to confidential and useful information that could help the insurance companies and their attorneys win against injured workers.  The defendants include: Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies, Cypress Insurance, Zenith Insurance, Broadspire Claims Services and the Knox Ricksen law firm.  The insurers involved represent a large portion of coverage for workers in California. Casillas is seeking class certification for a class-action lawsuit, disgorgeemnt, an injunction and exemplary damages for fraud, conversion, invasion of privacy, interference with prospective economic advantage, and violations of the Store Communications Act, the Electronic Privacy Act, California's Buisness and Professions Code and the states Computer Data Access and Fraud Act.

If these allegations are true the judgment could be sizable. This lawfirm takes no sides as to the truthfulness of any of the allegations from either side. The Courts can make the decision after hearing all of the evidence. 

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