Manufacturers of protective athletic head gear are marketing special products that they claim will provide greater protection from concussions and reduce the force of impact.  However, new research from the American Academy of Pediatrics show that the brand of helmets and age of the gear does not make a difference in the protection provided to high school football players.  The new products are more expensive, but show no real additional protective advantage.  The study followed 1,332 high school football players, of which 115 suffered injuries.  The helmets worn by those injured players were either made by Riddell, Schutt, or Xenith, and were manufactured in various years.  There was no significant difference between the severity of injuries among the players.  Surprisingly, the study also showed that those who wore mouth guards suffered more concussions.  One of the researchers noted that it may not be possible to create a device that can fully protect athletes from head injuries, as the brain is sensitive to any jarring that occurs during an impact. 

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