Delay is the insurance car damage game they play.

QUESTION: I read your article/law regarding accidents at uncontrolled intersections.  This being the case, how does an insurance company get away with denying a claim stating that their insured had no negligence so the damage to the other party's vehicle will not be covered even though their insured was issued a citation from the local police department?
This happened to our family just a few weeks ago.  We are very frustrated and don't understand.  The other party's insurance company even brought up the Iowa comparable negligence law.  That didn't even come to play in our case as the other party's insurance company, by denying our claim, has stated my daughter is at fault even though the police report clearly states my daughter had the right of way, and a citation was issued to the motorcyclist.
Our van was declared totaled and is undrivable.  The appraiser states it's worth thousands of dollars which I can't believe is a big deal to an insurance company, but it is a big deal to us.
I'm feeling this is a "big insurance" company against a little person right now because it wouldn't be worth lawyer fees to go up against an insurance company for $3,000.  
ANSWER:  Welcome to my world. Insurance companies do not make money by paying it out; honesty has nothing to do with their business plan.   Insurance adjusters have only two reason to speak with you: 1. Figure out how to pay them nothing. 2. If you can't get number 1 done, then figure out how to pay them less than the law requires. It's really that simple.   Little people to an insurance company can't weather the storm financially so they drag it out hoping you'll get desperate and settle cheap.  

Steve Lombardi
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