Pharmacies in New York state will begin providing heroin overdose antidotes to customers over-the-counter.  Recent trends in this area led hundreds of CVS and Walgreen pharmacies across the country to give this medication, called naloxone, to customers without a prescription and New York health officials expanded this plan by allowing independent pharmacies within New York state to provide the drug over-the-counter as well.  Naloxone, also known as Narcan, may be administered by injection or nasal spray and blocks the effects of opioids temporarily in order to save someone who has overdosed and is on the verge of death or serious complications.  It essentially reverses an overdose and allows the person to breathe until emergency medical assistance arrives.  If someone uses Narcan and is not suffering from an opioid overdose, it will not produce a high or any other effects.

Independent pharmacies that wish to participate in the over-the-counter Naloxone program may inquire by writing to [email protected]

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