Crossing the center line by being distracted

I read another car accident report where it's being concluded, at least by the police, that one car crossed over the center line and hit another. This is the case I reported about earlier. Some of these accidents, and I can't say this is one of them, the driver is distracted and that distraction causes them to not pay attention to their driving. It's the inattentiveness to the driving that causes the car to drift and when it drifts over the center line that is what causes the collision. 
Digital distractions are a major source of car accidents. Distracted drivers are a menace to the roads, streets, highways and interstate. People have to get a clue about putting down the phones and paying attention the task at hand: DRIVING.

People are literally dying, being killed because someone wants to talk or text on their phone. Get a clue folks, because your life may depend on it. Here is the link to the article.

One dead, one injured in Polk County accident by DAR DANIELSON on SEPTEMBER 28, 2011 in FIRES/ACCIDENTS/DISASTERS One person died and another was injured today in an accident early today in Polk County near Runnells. The Polk County Sheriff's department says 21-year-old James Calhoun of Pleasantville crossed the centerline and his Lexus struck a Chevy Blazer head on. Calhoun was pronounced dead at the scene. 
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