Crane Accident Causes Road Construction Worker’s Death

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Steve Lombardi

As a lawyer I’ve handled this type of accident here in Iowa. This Highway 41 road construction crew death of a road worker occurred with the arm of a crane being unloaded fell, crushing the member of this road crew. I’ve seen cranes fall, back over people, strike electrical wiring electrocuting workers and the operator. If we can assist you with your construction site injury or death claim give us a call. 515-222-1110 or [email protected].

Worker killed at U.S. 41 construction site
Fox 11
Construction worker Raymond Aschenbrenner, 58, of Black River Falls was killed at a US 41 worksite Friday near De Pere. He was killed about 8:30 am while working in a median just south of Scheuring Road in the town of Lawrence.

Steve Lombardi
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