Headlines last week pointed to an E. coli outbreak linked to chicken salad from Costco.  More studies were done to test specific ingredients and it was discovered that a mixture of celery and onion used in the chicken salad, among other grocery items at Costco, was contaminated with the bacteria that caused 19 people across western states to become sick.  No deaths were reported, but five people were hospitalized.  The store is pulling and recalling over 154,000 products to ensure that the outbreak ends and no more infections occur.  The store is also stopping further production of the chicken salad until further notice.  Costco responded immediately to the outbreak and is communicating directly with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to ensure consumer's safety.  With the Thanksgiving holiday last week and Christmas coming up, many people were shopping for their food items at Costco, but it will likely take a hit due to this outbreak and customer's concerns about other food contamination.

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