I've previously reported on the boot case, or the hole in the worker's boot, that is being partially blamed for contributing to his death. Perhaps the most complete report I've read about Kevin Hammons death comes to us not from the Des Moines Register but from The Examiner out of Washington State. Read Ryan J. Foley's article from the A.P. dated August 16, 2011 at 1:35 pm.
The article identifies factors that contributed to the work accident include:
1.    Using fewer wire rope clips to secure the cable holding the beams than were required to safely perform the work.
2.    Incorrectly installing the beam support system.
3.    Deviating from the engineer's design.
4.    Failing to train the workers doing the installation on the proper installation method.
5.    Worker remained working under the beam, after being told to move, due in part to defective or worn boots to avoid walking through water.
6.    Supervisor's failing to control the work place for safety.  

The employer was careful not to argue they were blaming Hammons, but that even though what the work supervisor and GC did on the job site caused the accident, Hammon's boots did contribute as well. That's a pretty fair assessment. "We could almost say that was a silly reason to say," he said. "It was a comment made by the employer ....I won't comment on what they were thinking."
"There were clearly safety violations and the company knew that, accepted that. The fact was, unfortunately there was someone beneath that beam. It still would have been a safety hazard if someone wasn't beneath that beam. That's what OSHA has to look at. Ultimately we are looking at the safety hazard itself."

Firm: Hole in worker's boots a factor in UI death

By:RYAN J. FOLEY | Associated Press | 08/16/11 1:35 PM
Violations, worn boots factors in worker's death
Dubuque Telegraph Herald
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Firm: Hole in worker's boots a factor in UI death
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