Overloading the crane being used on a construction site is too common for workers to ignore. In May 2008 it happened in New York and just a few days ago it occurred in New Delhi. In each instance workers were killed. Here are some examples of cranes collapsing as a result of overloading. Construction workers are always at risk while on the site but what pedestrians don’t appreciate is they too are at risk when passing by a construction site.

Crane Disaster in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 14, 1999

The footage is real time and shows the crane crashing down onto a building while attempting to place a large steel structure atop a building in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Deadly New York City Crane Collapse - 4 Dead as Crane Falls

In this video a 24-story crane collapses while lifting a large block of concrete, killing four workers. It's in Manhattan, New York on May 15, 2008.

Raw Video: Crane Collapse in New York ( No real sound, but still interesting to watch. )

Raw Video: Crane Collapse in Miami

Crane Collapses at Houston Refinery,
Killing 4

Crane Collapse Caught On Tape
– the video appears to be a motorist, it may be a police cruiser that catches the crane collapsing and falling to the ground. The car is on an Interstate Highway.

Crane Crash In Tunnel Caught On Camera
– in this video improper securing of the crane during transport shows what can result.

Crane Crash at H&W
– In this video the two operators are talking in a foreign language which appears to be Japanese. After the crane falls their swearing appears to be very much Americanized.

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