As a personal injury lawyer I’ve seen it all on the construction site including death and loss of limb claims. Today we have several cases of interest including a trench collapse, a falling beam and last an electrocution. We handle all of these cases and work closely with other law firms who either don’t handle them or who we refer them to when our caseload or expertise is better utilized in other areas.

The collapsing trench took place at a residential construction site when the crew was connecting a sewer lateral from an underground main line. The worker, buried under several feet of dirt died.

The WSJ ran the article about the worker’s gear coming into contact with a power line and then electrocuting the worker. The crew was in the process of lowering a light tower when it apparently came into contact with a power line. Failure to obtain clearances and to contact the power company to shut down the power will be a focus. The general contractor running the site and the crane operator are probably going to be the focus of OSHA’s investigation.

And then the falling beam is a curious incident, curious to say the least. This story from the Jamestown Sun of West Fargo, N.D. Working for Scott’s Electric the beam thought to have been bolted into place apparently came loose, fell and struck the construction worker. OSHA is on-site to investigate, a common occurrence when a death is recorded. Steel beams don’t just fall, they fall from their perch for a reason.


Construction worker dies in trench collapse at Heritage Shores site
Sussex Countian - By Nicole Vaughn A construction worker was killed Thursday, May 24, when a trench collapsed on him at the Heritage Shores development in Bridgeville.

Steel beam comes loose, kills construction worker
Jamestown Sun - A 30-year-old man working at a construction site in Fargo was killed Friday afternoon when a 28-foot steel beam fell on him. WEST FARGO, ND (AP)

Upstate NY worker dies when gear hits power line
Wall Street Journal - AP EAST GREENBUSH, NY — A worker lowering a light tower has been electrocuted after it touched a power line and caught fire at a construction site in eastern New York.

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