College Tuition as a Child Support Issue - What Are Your Obligations?

Child support requirements is determined by state law and varies across the country.  Many states have something called "postsecondary education subsidy" that is nestled somewhere in their Code relating to child custody and support.  This subsidy is something that a parent may be required to pay for expenses and tuition related to schooling beyond high school for children aged 18 to 21.  The amount of this subsidy is based on the income of the parents, the public tuition for an in-state university in the state involved, and a reasonable amount that can aid the child in schooling.  The court has discretion to award this subsidy based on the circumstances involving the particular parties.  However, there is a difference of opinion among courts about who can be required to pay this subsidy; that is, some parents will be required to pay and some will not, depending on one certain fact.  To find out what that key fact is and to determine whether you may be held liable to pay a postsecondary education subsidy for your children, contact us today.

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