Daniel Lehn, 58, a well-regarded professor at Coe College, died in a bicycle accident on July 19th at around 6:30 a.m. Lehn was traveling in the same direction as a truck driven by Devin Disterhoft when he was struck. Lehn was transported to University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics where he died from his injuries. Disterhoft was not injured in the incident.

Now here is an interesting question that comes to mind with this Coe College professor. Is this accident covered under workers’ compensation with Coe? What comes to mind is the going-and-coming rule along with whether Professor Lehn would ride his bike to places on campus for his work as a professor. Most people haven’t a clue about what this means, but simplified if the professor used his bike as a mode of transportation during work then his death is likely one covered by workers’ compensation and his widow, assuming there is one, would be entitled to a lifetime of benefits.

Perhaps the question is purely academic, but then again maybe not. If you’re interested in workers’ compensation death benefits read these two articles about the Going and Coming Rule involving a death while traveling to or away from work with your personal vehicle (could be a bike) that you use during work hours for various errands. And if still wondering call us for a free chat.

Revisiting the Going and Coming Rule in Iowa

Work. Comp. – Going and Coming Rule and the Premises Line Rule

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