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Injuryboard works, even from Des Moines, Iowa.

The InjuryBoard is a collection of attorneys from across the country who work daily to educate the public concerning the issues that affect the justice working men and women receive in the civil court system. We strive to educate you so you can protect yourself, your spouse and family. At the Des Moines regional blog we have been working this month to discuss issues affecting food safety and while Megan Roth, a University of Iowa journalism graduate has been writing and posting about the current issue, I’ve been distracted with one news item after the next that seems to have my immediate attention.

The American Bar Association has picked up our blog and we are doing very well with readership. Listed under the “Tort Law” section we are currently holding the number five position for readership. Not bad for a solo practitioner and journalist from West Des Moines, Iowa. Join us and the other InjuryBoard attorneys as we invite you to comment with your own experiences whether good or bad.

ABA Blawg Directory: Tort Law

Based on the number of times our readers have visited our descriptions of these blawgs.

Political and legal news, commentary and analysis, with a conservative focus.

PrawfsBlawg says it is "just some friends trying to get the arguments right." They post observations on legal news, law and culture. is a network of accident lawyers throughout the country who blog about personal injury news.

"Deconstructing what happens in law." A particular focus on consumer law and class-action litigation, and lead-paint litigation in particular. Some posts amount to professional-skills pep talks, and others recap recent episodes of Boston Legal.

"Insightful and at times provocative analysis of Iowa personal injury law. You may not agree, but you can hardly argue the content is thoughtful and focused on the rights of the common working man and woman. A commonsense approach to law issues."

Information, news and commentary about structured settlements and settlement planning.

Covers news, legislation, reform moves and other issues related to torts.

This blawg "explores an American legal system that too often turns litigation into a weapon against guilty and innocent alike, erodes individual responsibility, rewards sharp practice, enriches its participants at the public's expense, and resists even modest efforts at reform and accountability."

"Misleading advertising law: due diligence for income earning opportunities."

"Providing commentary on food poisoning outbreaks and litigation."

Covers the Class Action Fairness Act, class certification, employment law, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and multidistrict litigation.

Cruise Ship Law Blog is "dedicated to cruise passenger and crew safety, seafarer conditions, maritime law and all types of injuries at sea."

Covers Illinois nursing homes and information for nursing home residents, family members, ombudsmen, resident advocates, elder law attorneys and nursing home staff.

This blawg was created to provide information to the motorcycle and biker community, as well as to provide general California personal injury and family law Information for all. You will find biker and motorcycle legal articles, news, links, safety tips and more.

"Surveillance and analysis on E. coli news and outbreaks."

The Louisiana Law Blog has "insight and information on Louisiana law, litigation and legal culture."

"My objective is to find, share and post information about things that I've discovered and believe you'd want to know about. I travel the world doing lectures and research. My goal is to keep in constant touch with people and share information from the road. This blog is part of our journey together."

The New York Personal Injury Law Blog has information on New York personal injury law, medical malpractice, the civil justice system and cases of interest.

Covers news, issues and trends related to mass torts, including the latest on litigation involving tobacco, Vioxx, asbestos, fen-phen and lead paint.

Discussions on a wide range of tort topics, with a focus on helping other lawyers understand plaintiff trial practice.

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