The popular Chobani greek yogurt is widely consumed across the country.  It is a very popular food item, with a range of health benefits touted in the recent greek yogurt craze.  Unfortunately, 170 customers of Chobani recently reported illnesses associated with eating the yogurt.  The customers were in several states, including Arizona, Delaware, New York, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, California, Indiana, and Florida.  After these reports reached the FDA, Chobani recalled 91 varieties of its yogurt manufactured at a plant in Idaho.  These containers have best-by dates of September 11 to October 7 and a code of 16-012.  The company states that all contaminated containers are no longer for sale, but the FDA continues to investigate after receiving reports that bad containers remain on shelves.

The illnesses complained of include cramps, nausea, headache and diarrhea.  The culprit that caused these symptoms is a mold that contaminated the containers.  The company initially ignored reports of illness, but now admit that mold was found in the suspected containers.  The company maintains that it is not a foodborne pathogen, and FDA officials also consider mold to be a cause of spoilage but not illness.  However, after an outbreak, the FDA will conduct tests in manufacturing plants where the contaminated containers were produced.  Chobani is offering refunds through its website,

To report illness or spoiled containers:

Contact Chobani at 877-847-6181.

Contact the FDA at 800-FDA-1088.

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