The U.S. has been experiencing a recent cluster of E. coli cases in six states: Washington, Oregon, California, Minnesota, New York, and Ohio.  It began in Washington and Oregon with patrons of Chipotle restaurants.  The restaurant chain has since closed several of its locations in Washington and Portland, but contends that the outbreak is contained and no further closings are necessary.  A total of 45 people have reported symptoms of E. coli, and 43 of those report eating at a Chipotle within one week prior to getting sick.  There have been no deaths.  Chipotle insists it has been complying with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and has removed all suspected food from its restaurants, sanitized the restaurants, and tested new food.  Civil lawsuits are already being filed by patrons who believe they contracted E. coli from a Chipotle restaurant.

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