Boston College students began reporting to the student health center with complaints of severe stomach illness after last weekend.  It is now confirmed that all 80 students ate at the Chipotle Restaurant in Cleveland Circle in Boston.  They have been tested for E. Coli and norovirus; test results are pending.  However, Chipotle released a statement that health officials in Boston believe the illness to be caused by the norovirus and that it was transmitted by a Chipotle employee and is isolated to that particular restaurant.

Chipotle closed the restaurant location on Monday pending investigation.  If norovirus is the confirmed cause, this incident is unrelated to the recent E. Coli outbreak that also affected dozens of Chipotle restaurants.  The company's stock has fallen 2.9 percent in the aftermath of these foodborne illnesses.  The company's CFO indicates that Chipotle will begin implementing new strict safety measures to prevent future foodborne illness or contamination.

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