There is a lot of cheerleading safety news available with different links to safety information. It's interesting to see the different squads adopting a new attitude towards making this sport a lot safer for the young women and men taking part in it. Safety first is the right direction.

The Lakeland Saints blog is where they discuss sports safety including cheer safety. Lakeland Florida.

Suite 101 has an interesting online story about Penn and Teller's Showtime airing on June 10, 2010 of the behind the scenes expose of this multimillion dollar cheerleading industry and catastrophic injury. The show includes a young lady who performed a stunt without a spotter and was catastrophically injured. She is Laura Jackson.

The Showtime description states: Description - In the Season Eight premiere, it's as all-American as apple pie, but cheerleading is also responsible for 65% of all catastrophic female sport injuries, with competitive coaches, fanatic parents, and a multimillion dollar industry concerned with its bottom line.

Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa offers online the Mustang's cheer squad flier.

What appears to be a short version of cheerleading safety rules for OSAA member schools is offered as a risk management tool.

California News: Suite 101 posted another article New Cheerleading Organization Focuses on Safety, by Terry Zeigler discusses The Spirit Consultants out of California and whose sole purpose is to improve safety for cheerleading squads. It's interesting (and great to see) that safety in cheerleading has suddenly taken on such importance. "The Spirit Consultants provide personalized comprehensive cheerleading skills training; summer cheerleading and dance camps; year-round private stunt clinics; competition choreography; and much more for all high school spirit programs with an emphasis on safety, teambuilding and goal achievement. TSC is here to help all coaches and advisors safely train and grow their spirit programs." TSC has partnered with the National Cheer Safety Foundation and the California High School Cheer and Dance Association.

Again Suite 101 lists articles relating to cheerleading safety.

If you're looking for cheerleading safety books, online articles or stories you can find just about any article listed at It's a beta version but well worth the time to look. I've never seen this site before today. Some of the articles you need to register to obtain but others like the Cheerleading Coach's Guide to Successful Coaching are free. We are also offering this very useful guide on the Lombardi Law Firm website under cheerleading safety.

Here you'll find the Cheerleading Guidelines for 2009-10 for high schools in Vermont. These guidelines apply to grades 5 through 12. They also provide a regular season guide, the tournament season guide and forms for high school cheerleading (in Vermont). (14 pages)

2009 - 2010 AACCA College Safety Rules covering definitions, general program guidelines, general restrictions, partner stunts, pyramids, tosses, tumbling and indoor court rules. (4 pages) These rules are offered free in the law firm library.

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