States' family laws differ, yet they all conform to family roles deemed "traditional" and do not adequately address modern family situations.  With the increasing use of sperm donors to conceive children as well as recent legalization of same-sex marriage in states across the country, legislators are coming to realize that the old family laws do not always sufficiently apply to every person.  In California, for example, Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation changing the words "husband and wife" to "spouse."  In addition, California legislators are considering a new bill that will allow quick adoptions for non-biological parents where their spouse gives birth to a child, such as through a sperm donor.  This bill would also allow sperm donors the option to clarify the role they wish to play in the child's life when there is no relationship between the donor and the birth mother.  Another separate new bill addresses the wishes of adult children to visit parents when a new spouse (i.e. their stepparent) objects to the visitation.  With the prevalance of divorce and remarriages, conflicts are common between family members and what rights each member should have.  Recent high-profile conflicts prompted a new look at existing legislation and the need to update policies to ensure family members are treated fairly.

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