My office has handled several school bus accident cases in the past. Recently we settled a broadside collision case where the bus came across the county road with a questionable stop at the stop sign. Another type of student driver case we’ve seen are students acting as chauffeurs for other students attending school functions. You may or may not recall the students from eastern Iowa who were taking other students to McDonald’s following a school function (volleyball game) and rolled their parent’s SUV on I-380. I’ll look for that blog, but know I’ve changed blog hosts since writing it so it’s probably not going to be easy to find. I found it: Why is this 15-year-old taxiing on I-380 in Iowa?

I recall speaking to some parents from that community when Barbara and I attended a Bruce Springsteen concert. Common sense and a lot of skepticism need to win out over convenience to keep your kids safe. And why not tell your children no driving with underage drivers? What’s wrong with that rule?

Teen Driving Guide: Rules to Stay Alive

An Iowa study concluded drivers make at least 20 decisions for every mile they drive; so when you drive distracted it’s a foregone conclusion that sooner or later you will cause an accident. The Iowa DOT makes several suggestions for drivers to drive safer. They include turning off your cell phone.

The Iowa DOT also publishes a teen driving guide that provides parents with rules for safe teen driving. I’m carrying it on the Lombardi Law Firm website. See Teen Driving Responsibilities.

  • Rule 1: Put it down!
  • Rule 2: Absolutely no alcohol!
  • Rule 3: Always buckle up!
  • Rule 4: have the car in the driveway by the designated time!
  • Rule 5: no more than one passenger in the car at all times (or zero passengers if the state’s GDL law doesn’t permit any).
  • Rule 6: Follow your state’s GDL laws!
  • Rule 7: Follow the house rules or face the consequences!
  • And what are mobile communication devices that can distract drivers? Take a look at the long list of distraction devices.


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