Car falls off overpass onto northbound I-35 in Minnesota

Here is a news item from Cloquet, Minnesota involving I-35. Typically we assume we are safe driving at highway speeds and also that the design of the road surface, the bridge railings and overpass structure will protect us from a fall. But in this case the woman plunged over the side rail of an overpass after skidding and running up the snow bank, which by the way should have been plowed out of there. I'm guessing that maintenance issues will become a more serious problem as state budgets get worse. So be aware of what can happen and how accidents start; that way you can slow down and stay alive. Enjoy the article.

Woman whose car fell off Cloquet bridge 'lucky to have survived'
Duluth News Tribune
The car landed where northbound I-35 and Minnesota Highway 33 merge. "The best we could tell is that it landed on its roof," Vereecken said. ...
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