Car accidents have been occurring more often in recent years, due to a variety of reasons.  Increased cell phone use and texting while driving, particularly by young and inexperienced drivers, is perhaps one of the biggest reasons for the higher incidence of accidents.  State legislators are trying to impose bans on texting and cell phone use in cars in order to try to make driving safer.  An additional reason is that the improving economy is allowing people to spend more money on gas and more time travelling in the car, which legislation will do nothing to change nor should it.  However, another reason that is identified as contributing to the rise in accidents is that drivers own cars that are on average 11 years old.  Since the economy has not been doing well in the last several years, car owners have not spent money on new cars.  Older cars are less likely to have the latest safety features, including ones that alert drivers to situations that would inform them of a hazardous situation in order to allow them to prevent an accident.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration hope to educate drivers on how to ensure their car is as safe as possible and how to prevent accidents in order to reduce the overall number of accidents.

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