Jury Tells Smithfield To Pay in Hog Case”, that is the title of the WSJ article from August 4-5, 2018. A jury in Raleigh, North Carolina awarded $470 million to six neighbors who live near a hog farm run by a contractor for pork giant Smithfield Foods, Inc. It is the third lawsuit of lately over odor and noise. It is the third multi-million-dollar award.

The jury awards:

  • In April a jury awarded $50 million to 10 families in Bladen County.
  • In June a different jury awarded $25 million to a couple in Duplin County.
  • Both awards were reduced because of tort-reform caps, that artificially confiscate most of the awards.

Let the confiscation begin:

  • $50 million to $3.25 million.
  • $25 million reduced to $630,000.
  • And the recent $470 million jury award? Expected to be reduced to $94 million.

That’s tort reform. That’s confiscation. That’s tort-deform.

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