Can I sue my parents for this Oprah Moment?

Question: Can I sue my adopted parents for severe emotional abuse/neglect as an adult?

Question Detail: The more research I do the more I am finding that I was severely emotionally abused as a child and I can find professionals to speak to this, as well as character witnesses who have just out of the blue said to me things about always thinking that at least my "father" was abusive. Furthermore it seems that I was forced onto medications I never needed to be on in the first place that may have severely and permanently damaged me, and a medical condition that I have had for years has gone untreated because of their neglect when this could have been taken care of FAR sooner. Do I have a good chance here?

Answer: You can’t sue you parents for negligence; there is no such cause of action for negligent parenting. There is no owner's manual or warranty and you should be happy there isn't. Because if there was such a cause of action, there would also be one for sending troubled children away and suing for emotional distress suffered by parents raising teenagers. You have zero chance of winning this case in any court of law except maybe on the Moon.

Of course if your story is juicy enough both Oprah and Jerry Springer may find a timeslot for you. Have I ever related the story about my own mother who made me, no forced me, to mow the lawn? Yeah she did and to make my bed! It was outrageous how I suffered under her tutelage. Studying and going to school and working and …. Thanks Mom!

My advice is to get over it. Move on and forgive your parents for whatever ill you perceive they did to you. Life is too short to do otherwise. And until you try and raise kids you haven’t a clue how difficult a job it is.

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