What caused a bulldozer to slip off the jacks and kill 60 year old Patrick O’Shaughnessy? That will be the question his family is asking after an accident at a construction equipment company in Ossian in northeast Iowa on October 14th 2009. His co-workers tried to save him by using a crane to life the bulldozer, however it was too late and Mr. O’Shaughnessy was pronounced dead at the scene. Workplace accidents happen every day and most are avoidable; could this accident have been avoided?

Hopefully, if he's married she is covered under a workers' compensation policy of insurance. That should pay her a lifetime benefit. She can commute the amount and should seek a consult with an attorney to determine her rights under Iowa's workers' compensation laws. What widows and widowers of workers killed while doing their jobs, need to know is that the workers' compensation carrier isn't your friend. You are in an adversarial relationship. That means they have no duty to advise. Heed the warning and see an attorney; we are happy to assist when asked.

We wish the family well.

Steve Lombardi
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