A week or so ago I posted this blog Law Practice: The Paraplegic Scam and the story of Po Javontae and today I received a call from another attorney, this one in California. It seems Po Po Javontae has had a change of venue for his very valuable workers’ compensation claim against FedEx and his personal injury case against Wal-Mart; this time to California. Wow, from Iowa to California, I wonder who signed that order. Unfortunately for Po Janvontae the attorney in California read my blog and gave me a call. After a good laugh I set us up on a three-way call to let Javontae know the case was too big and both attorneys would be acting as co-counsel along with the FBI. That was the voicemail I left. We both wait with baited breath for his return call to sign us up for this lucrative case. I wonder if he, Tyrone and Mr. Jackson still need the rent money.

I have to wonder, what is your real name?

While the two of us did not fall for this scam another lawyer here in Iowa recently lost was suspended for problems surrounding the Nigerian inheritance scam. IOWA LAWYER WHO FELL FOR ‘NIGERIAN INHERITANCE’ SCAM LOSES LAW LICENSE FOR A YEAR, Little Village, Iowa City’s News & Culture Magazine.

I may have to shoot a video of this one. It's way too good to pass up. Eh Javontae? Answer me this question, how does a paraplegic move so far and so fast? 

Iowa Supreme Court Attorney Disciplinary Board v. Wright, No. 08-0487, concerning the Nigerian Inheritance Scam.

Above the Law, Lawyer Falls For Nigerian Inheritance Scam, Gets Suspended

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