I just got off the phone with a law firm out of Spokane, Washington. It appears the location of Po Po Javontae’s (225-229-****) Walmart accident that turned him into a wheelchair jetsetter and is now being planted in Spokane, Washington.

More than a week or so ago I posted this blog Law Practice: The Paraplegic Scam and the story of Po Javontae and then posted Breaking News: Javontae's paraplegic scam, moves from Iowa to California!

Well don’t think for a minute that I’m sleeping on the job because I’m hot on the trail scooping this poo… oops story for the benefit of my readership. This is serious stuff so if you’re smirking please stop.

Not much has changed we still have Tyrone the brother and Mr. Jackson as the landlord. Javontae is living in Alexandria and rent money is still due and owing. The Mean Mr. Jackson (225-588-****) continues to demand the overdue rent money and is pressing Po Javontae to accept the offer of $850,000 from Sedgwick. Javontae is still behind several months and without payment he’ll be forced into a nursing home in Louisiana so his options are waning. Seems he’ll have no choice but to sign “da release papers Mr. Lombardi”. The date of the accident, January 23, 2013 continues to leave plenty of time to file suit so to date we have little concern about the statute of limitations running on this fictional claim against Walmart and its alleged negligent employee who failed to properly hook a ramp to the FedEx delivery truck. But now we have a new wrinkle. Javontae is more than happy to set up a three-way conference call with Robert Johnson in Nashville. Upon placement of the call sure enough he’ll get the voicemail and the message he leaves is that the deal is offOf course this isn’t the real Mr. Johnson in Nashville, but then again it couldn’t be or else the entire charade would burn up sort of like the burner phones being used.

Oh my heart is pounding just thinking of litigating against both Walmart AND FedEx! Can you imagine. We need only Amazon and I'll have hit the trifecta! Call off the drones baby! I'm coming after the Big Three!

So now we’ve gone from Iowa to California and onto the State of Washington. This paraplegic is really quite nimble. So if you’re a lawyer and you get a call from Javontae make sure and call me so we can add you to the list willing to work as co-counsel on this extremely worthless personal injury claim against Walmart and an equally worthless work comp claim against FedEx.

I remain, dedicated to the cause. 

Onward we march.

Steve Lombardi
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