As you will see from watching this KCCI news clip, Zac DeBruyn is one tough kid. He is also lucky that the burns he sustained from lighter fluid thrown onto a bonfire weren’t a whole lot worse. When young adults or older children get together for an after-school outing it is important that parents supervise. Parents who offer their homes for student activities have an obligation to provide adequate supervision. As the homeowner you can be sued and found liable for a failure to properly supervise guests who injured others while at your home. This is especially true when the guests are youthful teens.

Before homeowners agree to student activities at their house they should check to make sure they have adequate insurance of no less than $300,000 and preferably a million dollars of liability coverage. It is also wise to check your medical payments coverage for no less than $25,000. I have seen State Farm Insurance providing the highest medical payments coverage in the industry in Iowa.

If your child is injured while at someone else’s home, call us for a free consultation.

High school student recovers from severe burns, KCCI, Reporter Vanessa Peng

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