I’m continuing to post news and information about boating safety. Today we have a website with interesting information about traveling with children, infants and small children. I’m providing a website with accidental injury statistics. These statistics really tell us where to identify the main causes of injury or death.  They also identify those months of the year that are the most dangerous to boating or being around the water. And one last news item has to do with an electrical fire that sparked a fire and ended with an explosion; an event that should tell you something about what to do when a fire breaks out on board. Get the children into life jackets and off the boat.

www.Gurgle.com – This website post offers 13tips for traveling and visiting with small or infant children. 

Boating’s most dangerous times of the year are the months of May through August. Worldwide drawings are estimated to total 1,750,000 per year.  Talking to your children about safety seems to make sense but probably isn’t done properly. Just saying “Use your head”, doesn’t get your point across.

Harrison, Maine – Four people escaped injury and death while on Maine’s Long Lake. The cause of a fire onboard is likely to be an electrical short that sparked a fire and then an explosion.  Maine is also participating in Operation Dry Water and has over 100 game wardens patrolling the waters.

Boating Accident Statistics - If you’re interested in boating accident statistics look no further than Commander Bob and his web blog.  Boating fatalities from recreational boating have dropped year over year, and that’s good news. He points to alcohol being a likely cause of many. He’s got a graph for boating fatalities from 1991 to 2008, fatalities by type of boat, whether the person killed was wearing a life jacket or not, along with many other types of classifications. You can also visit the U.S. Coast Guard’s website page called The Main Channel and Beacons. The Coast Guard provides a free boating safety information sheet for recreational boaters. Apparently the acronym for drunken boating is BUI, boating under the influence.  


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