I'm reading this story but harldy believing what I'm reading. If ever there was a clearer case of premise owner liability this is it. First the dog and then the owner who tried to rescue the dog were electrocuted when they were close to a neighbor's boat dock. Luckily family members realized the problem and disconnected the electricity before he was killed.

How did this happen? Talk about faulty electical equipment. Who set this up.

The DNR reported that "Nickolas Greiner, 31, and other family members were throwing balls into the lake at his parents' home in the 4600 Block of North Shore Drive on Sunday morning."

It's really surprising how these things can happen. You have to wonder what was set up wrong or what malfunctioned that would allow this to occur. Who set that dock up? This is one of those instances when having an insurance policy would be very helpful. Luckily in this instance the man wading in the water wasn't killed, although the news story isn't very clear exactly what injuries the man did suffer. People don't like to hear this but the dog is considered property and has little if any monetary value under the law. It's usually the homeowner's liability insurance policy that covers these types of situations. Of course injury claims can be more expensive than would be a death claim in some cases.

Electrocutions can cause severe and disabling injuries including brain damage.

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It's true. That we are accountable to the things that we do because it might cause damage to other people. And we are responsible to the people that are affected. We have to secure everything and have the insurance so that in can help us in some instances that it will be needed.
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