As I walk to the curb at 5:00 a.m. to gather the newspaper I can't help but notice the cold fall air. Fall is likely around the corner. With all the moisture we've had I'm planning on a lot of snow. But before summer's end gives way to fall let's talk about boating. Near Dubuque, Iowa t the 16th Street boat ramp there was a boating accident although at this point there aren't any details. I take that back, if you follow this link there are plenty of details to read. The man who was killed is James Sutton, 45 of Maquoketa. From the news report we learn Sutton's boat was sitting still when another boat allegedly being driven by Kent Hoffman, 38 of Galena, Illinois slammed into the Sutton boat. Sutton allegedly died, and his passenger, Lori Fey, 47 also of Maquoketa was uninjured. The time given in the article is 9:00 pm on Thursday in Schmitt Harbor. 

Facts to be determined:
  1. Were lights being used? 
  2. Was the driver impaired by alcohol? 
  3. What distractions caused the one driver not to see a boat? What was the experience of Hoffman in driving a boat? 
  4. Were speed laws being ignored or followed? 

As a lawyer I can say that boating accidents are challenging although in this instance the witnesses may make it easier to put together a liability case against the driver whose boat drove up and over the other boat.  
Steve Lombardi
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