Blue Bell Creameries LP manufactures ice cream out of Brenham, Texas and is one of the biggest U.S. ice cream brands.  In April 2015, the company was forced to recall all products after discovering listeria contamination that affected all three of its plants.  The company has begun distributing again after thorough reviews of the plant sites, procedures, and equipment.  The U.S. Justice Department, however, continues a criminal investigation into the matter that caused three deaths and several other illnesses.  There is some concern about what the company's executives knew about the listeria contamination and what they did to respond to and solve the problem.  The company has already admitted that in examining its cleaning procedures, their practices were not sufficient in eradicating listeria on surfaces.  The company was also forced to lay off much of its workforce and accept a hefty investment from a Texas billionaire to stay afloat.  It is planning to bring back all of its employees in the next several months as part of a revitalization program to boost company sales.

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