New legislation passed in Oregon and California allow birth control pills to be available over the counter without a prescription.  While both states approved of this new concept in 2015, Oregon became the first to fully implement this new law and women can now purchase hormonal contraception directly from their pharmacist as of January 1, 2016.  Pharmacists give women a questionnaire to fill out in order to determine whether it is safe for the particular consumer to take the pill and can then dispense the medication directly to the person without a doctor's prescription.  Some who oppose this measure are concerned that accessibility to the pill without a prescription will stop women from attending important preventative care visits.  However, proponents argue the issues are not the same; women should not be forced to see their doctor just to get birth control when the risks of this medication are comparatively low and the benefits are many.  It also provides access to the pill for women who do not have health insurance and cannot otherwise receive the medication.

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