Bicycle riding seems simple. It’s easy, inexpensive and really anyone can ride one. But while it may be easy to learn, the risks remain considerable. Busy roads streaming with cars and trucks along with architectural landscaping materials, utility poles, city road signs and nature being what they are, all add up to increasing the risks associated with major injury or death, especially brain damage. Injuries can include paraplegia, quadriplegia, disc rupture, meniscus tears requiring knee surgery, broken legs and arms not to mention (again) brain damage (TBI, head injuries) and loss of life. We’ve seen more than our share of clients with serious injuries or death claims and so we focus on the legal aspects following a serious injury or death resulting from riding bikes or motorcycles. But you should not ignore the risks and of course after a serious accident hire competent counsel to investigate the potential causes. Following a serious accident many people are forced to hire a lawyer to help with how to get the medical bills paid, how to replace a pay check (wage loss/reduced earning capacity) or how to deal with insurance companies and their adjusters who never seem to be on the side of the injured person.

Just this week we were again reminded of just how dangerous a simple bike ride can be when the Clive police were investigating the death of a man who had been out for a ride on the Greenbelt Trail in Clive, Iowa.  (Police release the name of the man who died during a bike accident.) This 35-year-old gentleman was visiting from the United Kingdom.

So when you head out for a ride remember the words Michael Conrad spoke to the men and women dressed in blue as they would head out to the next shift. Remember, “Let’s be careful out there!

Man dies in bicycling accident along Clive trail

Clive police blocked off part of the Greenbelt Trail on Thursday to investigate the discovery of a man found dead along the trail. Police were called to 10300 Maddox Parkway about 1:45 pm., which is just south of the 7 Flags Event Center. Clive Police Chief Michael Venema said a man was found in the creek by a passer-by who called the police. Clive police said a 12-year-old girl had been looking for her brother after they were separated. She gave officers a description of her brother, and police were able to confirm the identity of the deceased person. Read more

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