Beggars Night Out and "Hurricane Katrina"

Trick or Treat!


Trick or Treat! Memories of childhood….begging for candy at neighbors’ doors and the fun of being out in the dark on a school night. Most of my childhood Halloween trick or treating was spent in a snow suit or at the very least, a coat that covered the costume I had spent months thinking about. I grew up in Buffalo, NY.


Things are different now. No longer is it the standard princess or fireman costume. Costumes today reflect our culture of television, movies, and politics instead of the jobs we want to do. For example, the most popular girl costume for 2009 is Hannah Montana, which quite frankly I don’t understand, maybe it is a generational thing. For boys, the most popular costume is Wolverine X-Men, which considering that Hugh Jackman portrayed this character in the movie, I completely understand the attraction with this choice. These costumes were the most popular on the Extreme Halloween website. At the Do It Yourself website, Michael Jackson is the costume of choice. With the opening of the movie, This is It, that should help tremendously to push this costume to the top.


Safety tips for a fun and safe Halloween:


Children under a certain age should be accompanied by an adult.


Costumes and masks should not restrict movement or vision.


Costumes should be reflective and a flashlight should be with each group. It would be beneficial for each child to carry a glow stick as well.


If your child is old enough to go trick or treating with friends, agree on the route they will be taking and what time they will be home.


For this same group, make sure they know that vandalism is not an acceptable trick.


Talk to your children about safety; about looking before crossing the street and not getting into cars with strangers.


Stress the importance of checking the candy with you when they return home. Make a game of it for young children, have them sort it by type and this will allow you to make sure it is safe to eat.


Happy Birthday to my own little treat who was born 23 years ago on Halloween, my daughter, Katrina.

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