Legal Advice Before Calling the Adjuster

Am I calling to prevent a problem or calling to ask for a Band-Aid?

As a lawyer who started out in 1981 I have had my fair share of Band-Aid phone calls and have concluded, that when it comes to personal injury claims, normally there is no such thing as "legal advice" because "advice" implies some degree of foresight and what we always seem to be talking about is about hindsight.

Our job is to stop the bleeding, not avoid the cut.

Welcome to our world. And if we can help you with a personal injury, an insurance claim, a workers’ compensation question or any other type of legal problem involving personal injury or death, please call sooner rather than later. Katrina and Steve would be happy to assist. Please call us before you talk with the adjuster to give a recorded statement. Please!

Construction site accidents, motorcycle wrecks, car or truck or semi-truck accidents, personal injury and death claims - we handle it all and we can help you settle your case. Call today!

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