A friend sent me an email he had received. The sender’s email promised a stock tip to the identity of a stock where The $19 Trillion Industry Hidden Inside of Bill Gates' Mansion. As the sender described Silicon Valley is about to hold a funeral for the Internet.

Silicon Valley is about to hold a funeral for the Internet... and the 4-word technology that was hidden inside of Bill Gates' famous mansion is poised to make early investors a king’s ransom! To learn more and discover stock that could kick start a brand new $19 TRILLION industry (making you an absolute mint in the process), simply enter your email address in the box below.

So what is really go on here and what are the chances of this stock tip making you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams? Well let's not pick on these authors but let us use a similar example. And then let us ask ourselves what is the likelihood of you getting rich.

Answer: Not much.

They just want your email address to send you an email saying if you pay to subscribe to our newsletter we will tell you the name of the company.

What is likely to happen after you give them your email address? 

Well, let us do the math. Probably out of 100,000 emails sent out, 10,000 people will pay $59.00 for an annual subscription and each subscriber will be given the name of the same micro cap stock. In many of these marketing programs someone has already bought 250,000 shares of this stock that they will recommend and at a price of less than a penny. The stock then jumps from $0.02 per share to $12.00 per share. The shares you are buying are the ones they are selling which means they are getting rich off of you. By the time everyone figures out there was little truth to their story the stock has crashed and whoever bought the stock are out of the stock having sold it all to the suckers who bought the story hook line and sinker. If they average just $6 per share they have made $1,500,000 on the stock along with $590,000 on subscriptions. They will write the monthly newsletters for one year and then say it is no longer profitable and cancel the service. After which they will send out a new email advertising "Warren Buffett s is buying this one small company and you could be rich just like him if you owned it. To get the name of the company send us your email address."

And it starts all over again.... 

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Yeah!! very very nice post.I like it very much.A lot of thanks for sharing this with us. stock market
by stock market September 4, 2015 at 07:07 AM
You can beat the scam described here: Buy the stock and then sell it about 2/3 below the advertised target price. Risky, and your timing has to be good. But a way to capitalize on the scheme for your own gain.
by Tom June 11, 2015 at 07:29 AM
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