Today I am taking a detour from personal injury blogs and talking politics. All the political noise has left Iowa and headed to New Hampshire. I am tired of all the noise and look forward to fewer presidential campaign ads.

Heading over to the law school library to do some research I was driving through a Drake Neighborhood and someone had a 4 x 8 foot sheet of plywood erected on their front lawn advertising for Bernie Sanders Presidential campaign. They had painted, ‘WELCOME to the REVOLUTION. Bernie 2016’ I drove back around the neighborhood to look again and to shoot a photograph.

A revolution? Am I to believe what Sanders proposes is a “revolution”?

The American Revolution was about tyranny. The French Revolution was about overthrowing the monarchy to establish a republic. The Russian Revolution was to overthrow the Czar and to dismantle the Tsarist autocracy. Revolutions normally are followed by a bunch of hard work. After the revolution takes place those doing the overthrowing roll up their sleeves and get to work operating the mines, digging coal, delivering services along with running a country. And so I asked, what is this revolution the Sanders’ campaign is shouting about that is being backed by a bunch of millennials with no desire to do any of the above.

What Sanders promises is a free lunch, yes, more free stuff and as we have learned from your generation, the participation trophy generation, you love feeling good about yourselves along with being given free stuff.

Sanders promises free education to everyone in America. E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E. Not just for the poor, but for everyone. Think about what Sanders says about ALL students getting a free education. All students? Should every millionaire’s kids get a free education even those whose parents are sitting on accumulated wealth amounting to millions and billions of wealth? Should Obama's kids or Pelosi's kids get a free education? Should Bill Gates's kids? Should Sander’s or Trump’s grandchildren? Etc., etc., etc.

This is the revolution? That isn’t like any revolution I'm familiar. I thought revolutions were for the poor and oppressed, not the rich and famous. Keep in mind just because someone is friendly doesn’t mean they are your friend.

Sanders doesn’t stop with just free education, because he also promises a “Political Revolution” over health care. Here is what Senator Sanders says. "I can completely eliminate every man, woman and child's annual health insurance premium by simply raising your taxes $500."

Bernie Sanders is what you get after a decade of handing out participation trophies.​ Every sport should ban participation trophies. Coach Lombardi

The people voting for Sanders need to take a minute to think about what he is promising. Senator Sanders says he can raise your individual taxes by just $500.00 per year and save each taxpayer thousands because they can cancel their health insurance and not have to pay an annual premium. Really? Seriously? Do you really think doctors, nurses, physical therapists, pharmacists and chiropractors will work for minimum wage when you won’t? Do you think even Starbucks can give you free coffee for a year for a onetime payment of $500.00? [Coffee drinks at Starbucks costs anywhere from $2.95 to $5.25. Drinking just one cup of coffee a day costs between $1,076.75 and $1,916.25 per year.] There is no way to compare the R&D cost of developing drugs or operating a hospital campus with growing a coffee bean or running a 2,000 square foot retail store. And if you can’t deliver coffee for $500.00 a year how in the hell is Sanders going to deliver the health care needs of every American at that price point?

Participation Trophy Syndrome – Who is running the asylum?

Ask yourself; who this person Senator Sanders really is. Is he more like Merlin-the-Magician or Bernard Madoff?

His explanation about health care is so sophomoric I can't believe it is being offered by a United States Senator. Do you really think your annual doctor, hospital visits, x-ray, MRI, CT scan, physical exams, lab tests, annual gynecological exams, pharmacy and other health related expenses can be performed for under $500 when even Starbucks can’t deliver a cup of coffee for under $500.00? Millennial's need to work on their math skills or get ready to have their doctor visits in a kennel next to a barking poodle.

Perhaps the Sanders’ campaign slogan should read, "Bark for Bernie!"

Millennials would do well to take a good hard look at Venezuela’s current economic calamity by picking up a copy of the Wall Street Journal and getting a ring side seat to  a national economy beginning to unravel and collapse after its Sanders' style government made all the same promises. Venezuelans poor followed the path of false promises made by Hugo Chavez whose policies told the poor everyone would get a participation trophy. The poor bought this promise with their votes and in the end are watching the end game as the Chavez policies destroy the Venezuelan economy.

Millennials don’t’ need more promises of more free stuff. What millennials need is to learn about hard work, two jobs, losing all the doo-dah’s to cut down on expenses and how to save money in order to get ahead in life.

There is a book first published in 1957 that you need to read. It tells a story about a sort of political revolution like the one unfolding in Venezuela or the one Sanders is promising. It was written by a Russian born in 1905 in the Russian city of St. Petersburg. The author was born with the name Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum, but took up the pen name Ayn Rand. The point of the story told by Ayn Rand is that there is a tipping point in any society when the non-producers gain control and demand more free stuff. To get all the things society produces for free, they make it unprofitable for the producers who in turn do what you would expect them to do, they stop producing. When that happens there is no food, no medicines, no nothing and certainly no free stuff.

Sanders is not who you think he is he is like Chavez, a socialist. And while I agree with some of the things he says, when I analyze his ideas I conclude he is a misguided fool whose ideas will never become anything more than puffery. Yes, Wall Street is hoping to enslave you through student loans and the government is trying to steal your inheritance through the same program, but Sanders is not your answer. Yes Wall Street is a rigged game and elections are being bought, but electing a fool who promises just one more participation trophy is not the answer.

The answer comes down to three words, “Get a job.” In fact get two jobs if you have to. Figure out that your cell phone, cable TV, a BMW, a new computer and the latest clothes are not necessities. Stop spending every dime you make and saving what you don’t have to spend. Tattoos are not essentially necessary. Save. And you will get ahead. And dammit, stop asking for more free stuff.

And one more thing, can anyone explain the infatuation of tattooing one’s body when you won’t wear the same clothes for even two seasons?

It really is that simple. 

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