Des Moines, Iowa Personal Injury Lawyer for Work Accident - A Des Moines man, Michael Grant, 37 was reportedly killed while working as an employee of Recycling Inc. The details are sketchy at best. The backing up accident description by KCCI is: “He called for a tow truck to help with his disabled work truck. The truck was being backed up to be stored for the night when the accident happened, police said. For an unknown reason, police said Grant walked into the path the disabled truck as it was being backed up. He was out of view of the tow truck driver. Grant was pinned between the truck and a parked trailer, police said.

The last time we handled a work accident backing up personal injury case the woman was seriously injured and the case settled for a confidential amount of more than a hundred thousand dollars.

This accident with Michael Grant of Des Moines isn’t the only death case from a truck backing up at a job site. Robert Losey of the Town of Leola, Wisconsin was reportedly killed at work when a semi-truck backed up and ran him over. He was pronounced dead by the Adams County Medical Examiner. OSHA of Wisconsin investigated that case.

Iowa’s version of OSHA will also investigate to check on safety equipment, which is a necessary part of a job site, construction site, delivery dock, shipping yard or other work site. Safety equipment, including rear warning devices are there for a reason and when they don’t work workers’ lives are at stake. In the last case we settled the rear warning device didn’t work, it wasn’t fixed or replaced and our client was run over.

So if you are involved in a work injury or death case we invite you to call us to either represent you or to participate with your current lawyer. Lawyers who take these cases with no previous experience risk malpractice claims. We work closely with several firms in Iowa on all personal injury, workers’ compensation and wrongful death cases. Recently we’ve started working on agricultural support payment claims.

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