Back to the basics of getting prepared for your deposition

Yesterday we covered how women and girls should dress for a deposition. Today we are going to talk about men, boys and gentlemen.


Generally – Dress conservatively not fashionable. It’s not going to impress anyone if you wear the latest Ed Hardy t-shirt with large baggy pants that no one can tell if they are long short pants or short long pants. Think button down collared shirt that is pressed, with black or brown leather shoes that you’ve polished, laces in place, shoes tied, pressed pants with a belt. No big buckle and the more you cover up the better. Guys should be easy. Wash and comb your hair, in fact go out the day before and get haircut so you like nice. Shave that day so you look and ready to go. There’s nothing worse for a lawyer than to have his client show up 15 minutes before the deposition looking like Conan O’Brien or Don King.

Jewelry – My best advice is you can wear a watch and wedding ring, but leave the rest at home. I’m not impressed with chains, diamond studded earrings, eyebrow piercings or any other body armor. The less the better.

Pants – Your pants should not be baggy with the waist hanging down showing off your underpants. You know they call it “underwear” for a reason. Holy pants are good for nothing in my opinion. What it is about this country that made holly pants fashionable. When the people in this country had no money holy pants were a sign of low economic stature – in other words they made you look poor and no one would wear holy pants no matter how poor. Today we have a lot of money in this country, no one is really poor, yet the rich can’t wait to get dressed with holy, worn and ripped pants that show their underwear. Whoever came up with this fashion should be drawn and quartered.

Shirts – It’s not a good idea to wear a t-shirt showing ripped muscles, tattoos or to make a fashion statement. Leave the Ed Hardy shirts and shoes at home. I’ll guarantee the lawyers I know will never be impressed with a deponent wearing a tattoo style shirt or shoes or belt for that matter. I have no clue about how far the Ed Hardy fashion world reaches but I can state with confidence it hasn’t reached into the courthouse or the practice of law.

All of this may seem too basic but for other's they need a piece of this pie of advice. You don't have to watch every video but if there is something you don't know how to do, you might find it here or on YouTube.




And guys don’t forget to iron your shirt and pants; if you don’t know how follow the instructions in this video. Although the technique isn’t exactly right, you’ll get the idea. Remember the pointed part of the ironing board was designed for a reason. The second one shows a better technique for ironing a dress shirt, although it’s a little too formal in the way it’s presented, but the ending is perfect.



Here is how to polish a pair of shoes. If you don’t have time or shoe polish either start early, buy some shoe polish or go to the shoe shine station at the airport.



Here is how to tie a dress tie using a half Windsor knot. If you’ve never tied a tie do yourself a favor and practice doing it before the day of the deposition.

That’s enough for today. Tomorrow we will cover the tramp stamp and other stupid ideas.

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