Now I’m not going to say I never perform legal services for a fixed fee, because there are occasions where a fixed fee works.  But that is seldom the situation.

Avvo readies rollout of fixed-fee legal services

Fixed fee legal services are a fiction of the buyer's imagination and now Avvo’s owners. Perhaps Avvo is out of Colorado and been a little too close to the weed shop. What they propose is just another way to rip consumers off but in small amounts. This won’t work. Consider for a moment plumbing problems. It would be far easier for plumbers to fix fees than lawyers. And plumbers wont’ fix fees because you never know how much crap is in the pipe before you shove a snake down toward the street sewer.  And so, if fixed fees won't work for plumbers why the Avvo brain-trust does believe it will work for legal services is beyond me?

But the idea being proposed has me wondering. Why would Avvo care if legal services are offered as a fixed fee? What difference does it make to Avvo? Which makes me wonder what is Avvo getting out of this service? Is Avvo getting a referral fee? What Avvo likely is after is a small cut out of referring clients for fixed legal services. But what clients aren’t going to get is a good lawyer or good legal service.

The old saying, "Let the buyer beware." is certainly fitting. Because, for clients, fixed fee services means don't ask, don't tell and ends with don't call us, we'll call you.

Fixed legal fees are a misnomer. They should be called “The Fix Is In”. 

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