I received an email this week from a disgruntled California reader who must have some connection to a Calhoun County accident reported on our blog from August 3, 2010. She didn't like it that I reported about a single vehicle accident that killed the driver. It is strange what brings reader feedback. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason apparent to us as lawyers. Why after four years would someone care? You got me because the email had very little detail about the writer's reasoning. This sort of email does give me pause, but then I am quickly reminded about why we do this. 

I read this story about ATV’s and ORV’s being on roads governed by counties, cities and towns across rural Iowa. Personal injury lawyers will never be out of business because our political will bends to whoever is trying to make a quicker buck. In this instance politicians are changing laws making it easier for children to be operating motor vehicles on the public highways. And in that context it once again becomes clear why this lady clearly doesn’t understand what we do for a living or why.

Official urges motorists to be aware that more ATVs, ORVs are on Iowa roads, Story by O. Kay Henderson of WHO Radio.

On Saturday, four 14-year-old boys were killed when the utility vehicle they were riding in was hit by a pick-up truck that ran a stop sign near Epworth. Two nine-year-old boys died in an A-T-V accident Monday on a farm near Mount Vernon. Representative Curt Hansen, a Democrat from Fairfield who taught driver’s ed for 43 years, urges Iowans to take the safety courses that are available.

With the number of children riding these smaller vehicles on the public roads people can get killed a lot easier than before 14-year-old’s were allowed on the public roads. Part of any lawyer’s job as a personal injury attorney is to educate the general public. We do it through our blog and the news items. Some people follow us and read our posts on a daily basis. We take this seriously and the names of the people who are involved are just a part of the news. I have no intention of calling off my staff from writing to diary all the news that applies to what we do for a living.

And don’t tell me what we do is bad because blaming me for personal injury is like blaming an oncologist for cancer. We don’t’ create the personal injury just like the doctor didn't cause cancer. We simply help those personally injured with their legal problems. And who knows someday even the crabby lady from California might need a personal injury attorney. 

But I won’t let her go away empty handed. I have queued up five videos for her to watch.

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