As the economy recovers construction site accidents increase

As personal injury lawyers we see serious accidents that take lives, limbs and jobs from the injured workers who suffer the long-term effects. Tort reformers know nothing about not having insurance or not being able to pay for groceries and home mortgages. The tort reformers have all the insurance that coverage’s they need, but not so for the wage earners. All this tort reforming discussion aside, the economy is improving and as it improves the number of construction jobs increases. Workers are rusty and getting back to work means getting back in construction site shape. Cutting corners doesn’t work; you still have to go home at the day’s end so pay attention to what you were taught about on the job safety.

The last news item about the Missouri man being charged with misdemeanors for careless driving isn’t the worst in that case. What is worse are the lives of the two families of the electricians who died.

A 22-year-old Missouri man is charged with a misdemeanor count of careless driving in a construction site crash that killed two electricians. See KSTP, Channel 5 ABC and reporter Michelle Knoll.

This is an I-35 accident of which my firm tries to focus our legal resources. According to this report the driver just looked down to turn off his cruise control, looked back up and was in his judgment too close to the barriers in the interstate highway road construction zone. Here is the quote from the article.

The complaint says Deamos set his cruise control after he had been cited earlier in the day for speeding in Iowa. He told authorities he looked down to shut off the cruise control, and when he looked up he felt he was too close to a barrier. He then overcompensated and lost control.


A crane collapse at the University of Texas killed 2

2 Killed in Crane Collapse at University of Texas at Dallas
New York Times
2 Killed in Crane Collapse at University of Texas at Dallas. By MICHAEL SCHWIRTZ. Published: July 7, 2012. A crane collapsed in heavy winds at a construction site at the University of Texas at Dallas on Saturday, killing two workers, the university said.

1 killed, 1 hurt when crane collapses at Wisconsin road construction site
OSHKOSH, Wis. -- One person was killed and another injured when a crane collapsed at a highwayconstruction site Thursday morning, authorities said.

Construction worker killed at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport
He was found by another worker at the site. He later died at a Phoenix-area hospital. Mesa officials said Montoya was employed by a contractor at the construction site, but they did not have the name of his employer. 

Mo. Man Charged in 35W Crash That Killed 2 Construction Workers
Mo. Man Charged in 35W Crash That Killed 2 Construction Workers. A 22-year-old Missouri man is charged with a misdemeanor count of careless driving in a construction site crash that killed two electricians.

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