I try to stay away from politics on my law firm’s website because it’s about personal injury, but today politics takes front and center. Encouraged by tort reform measures and emblazoned by the attack on Industrial Commissioner Chris Godfrey by Governor Branstad, ultra-conservatives take aim at the Iowa Supreme Court Justices who supported Varnum with an attempt to reduce their pay to a mere $25,000. But what people fail to understand is these Justices didn't support gay marriage. The decision they supported was about constitutional law. And if you knew anything about constitutional law you'd understand this decision was a foregone conclusion. 

Legislators claim it’s not an attack on the Varnum decision.

Cough-cough, I’m sure there is a freshman in high school somewhere in a third-world country that believes you. Perhaps Hitler's inner circle believes you. Here in Ioway even the pigs don't buy it. You shouldn't have to walk down to the hog lot to know what's on the ground and what it smells like. (It is called Ioway because there is a reason why we have brain drain here and this is a prime example.) Okay, maybe one of the orangutans at the zoo believes you, but I for one don’t.

Anyone with a brain has to be scratching their head wondering what rock you crawled out from underneath.

Will it work or will it backfire?

When will the Governor begin to see he’s started a forest fire and is standing there with a garden hose? Please don’t wonder why the Republicans lost this last Presidential election you moronic idiots. We need to clean house and get some new blood in the Republican Party because these guys are embarrassing to all of us with a brain. They shame us on a national level with this shameful display of a hissy fit about them suffering from gayaphobia.

What’s next the Legislator’s pay or the Iowa Attorney General’s?

So who is behind House File 120? Who has the unmitigated temerity to try and rewrite the Constitution by driving out members of the Court without the requisite understanding of basic law? Wow Terry you had to start this didn’t you. It wasn’t going to be enough we looked like a bunch of gay-phobics on a national level, now we look like immature and totally uneducated Neanderthals.

“Their amendment to House File 120, the judicial branch budget bill, would lower the salaries of the four justices on the seven-member court who were part of the unanimous Varnum v. Brein decision to $25,000 – the same as a state legislator.”

I have only one thing to say to these legislators. Please find whatever rock you crawled out from under and get back under it till the next election – PLEASE!

These legislators should be sanctioned, recalled and shamed out of politics. This is an embarrassment to Iowa. My friends out east think we are a bunch of morons acting like mentally challenged idiots over this entire gay-marriage issue.

So what is the real issue here?

Perhaps it’s not about what the justices did with the Varnum decision, perhaps it’s about legislators being afraid they are gay and not wanting to come out of the closet. Get over it, come out and let’s move on. Trust me guys, you can’t become gay be just shaking the hand of a gay person. If you are heterosexual you stay that way. Your fears are about as unfounded as anyone thinking you actually earned a high school diploma. 

So many people must be wondering, "Why do I live here?"

Iowa House conservatives want pay cut for justices in same-sex marriage decision, The Gazette

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