The short answer is “they might be”; your prescription cancer drugs can be fakes with no medicinal value to them. That is what the United States will set out to prove when it charges a Canadian drug company in federal court in Montana. According to the Wall Street Journal the company under investigation is Canada Drugs from Winnipeg. Apparently the company outsourced from overseas, and those suppliers provided fake drugs. The drugs included Avastin, a drug used to treat cancer.

Pharmaceutical companies are prohibited from using supplier and manufacturers that are not subject to FDA inspections. The reasons should be obvious.

Several doctors attempted to save money, make a larger profit, by using these drugs. They are now serving time in prison. Doctors considering the use or purchase of foreign-made drugs might want to think twice. And cancer patients should not be afraid to ask their doctor where they purchase the drugs being prescribed or used in treatment. If the doctor won’t disclose that information the patients may want to contact the FDA for further information.

Laypeople might wonder why A lawyer becomes so cynical, well here is one reason.


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