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For those driving through Kansas City, Missouri know that westbound I-70 to westbound I-435 there will be detours and delay, due to a sinkhole that developed. A full lane of travel has fallen off this five-lane section of road. See KMBC-TV for the full story and before leaving on a trip travelling through KC check the MoDOT site for updated road conditions.

The MoDOT traveler information site is fairly easy to navigate. At the first page there is a map of the major roads and interstate highways across the state of Missouri. Red sign symbols with a flagman are scattered across the state highway grid. Put your cursor over a flagman and on the right side of the page is an information box that describes the work under way or to be done. Click on the flagman and the site opens up. Every road construction site that has closed the roads to traffic will be described in that box. It's too bad you can't click on the title of the construction site that interests you and have further updated information be available. That is one shortcoming of this site.  Here is what is currently shown for the road closing for I-435 and I-70.

Ramp IS435N TO IS70E North Jackson County

Private / Utility Contract Work In Area scheduled from 25-JUL-2010 to 25-JUL-2010

Please seek an alternate route.

MoDOT Travelers Information Map

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