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Question: What compensation am I entitled after being brutally beaten with a pistol while working alone overnight at a large gas station?
Question Detail: It happened on 8/17 of this year. No security was provided. I have a worker's compensation case but also have physical written proof of on-going sexual harassment. There are a lot of issues to address and I've been left in a really poor condition to handle these things. I really wish someone would take the time to evaluate the severity of my mental and physical, and spiritual injuries.

Answer: You need one lawyer who can handle the workers' compensation and personal injury cases because the coordination of benefits and the payment of attorney fees will require a knowledgeable attorney. As for the employment discrimination case, that could be coordinated with outside counsel, but only if the facts justify a sexual harrassment claim. Either have your workers' compensation attorney handle all the matters or find another attorney.

Now why would I recommend you hire an attorney? Well for a couple of reasons and yes it is true I recommend this so lawyers can stay employed. But there is a better reason and it’s the one you want to hear. I’ve seen similar cases where they try to blame the worker for being an accomplice in the crime and having played a role in setting it up. Not only are injury benefits at stake, but criminal charges too.

Wow, what a cynical world we live in.

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